Brunch & Cake Barcelona

I’ve always wanted to wake up on a Sunday morning and get ready for a nice girly brunch. Despite my many attempts, i never managed to find the one: a place with that perfect menu and ambiance.

Today i found the one: Brunch & Cake.

Let’s start with the decor: on a sunny and warm  day you can enjoy your brunch outside on little wooden sofas with a blanket if you’re feeling chilly. The inside resembles that of a New York/Italian café: several mirrors here and there with cute sentences written on them, wooden chairs and tables, flowers and of course the “bar” where all the cupcakes and cakes are displayed, luring you in.

Brunch & Cake Brunch & Cake Brunch & Cake

To continue with the menu. The drinks menu is ideal: coffees, teas and cold beverages are offered along with wines (glass or bottle), cocktails and the most famous alcoholic morning drink: Mimosa! All at reasonable prices. I took a red fruit tea and Mimosa (was feeling cheeky) and the tea was delicious and the Mimosa homemade: fresh orange juice with a nice Cava!

Fresh homemade Mimosa

Fresh homemade Mimosa

The food menu: WOW! Personally, the food is the main reason why i love this place: everything is homemade, fresh, original and is not your typical “fried fatty breakfast”. It took my friend and i 15mins to decide what we wanted ! There’s choice for everyone: whether you’re a vegetarian, on a diet, looking for a breakfast or lunch meal,  terribly hungry, feeling peckish, have a sweet or a salty tooth you will be satisfied !  The portions are very good, the prices amazing and the feeling of satiety actually lasts (you’re not hungry 2h later).

The Menu

Scrambled eggs, ham, bagel, mushrooms & onions confit and guacamole & feta mix

Salad with quinoa, spinash leaves, roasted vegetables and humus/sesame on the side : 5h later and i’m still full !

I highly recommend you go to this café and if you do either reserve or have someone get there 15mins before the actual rendez-vous. I accidently got there 15mins earlier than Audrey but luckily got a table just in time for when she arrived.

For more information visit their facebook page or website



Whether you’re a big fan of chupitos (shots) or not, Espit Chupitos is a MUST-place to go!

With over 30 different shots there will definitely be one that you will want to try! Of course its quite difficult to know what each shot consists of and how to take them (with fire? a straw? on your back? eyes shut etc.) seeing as the only menu they have is a big board with all the shots written on it but that’s what’s exciting about the place !

The Menu

P.S I suggest you take the Monica Lewinsky… will not say anymore.

Shots on fire!

It’s a great bar to go to begin your night out; the ambiance is like that of a club very dark with those l

ights that emphasize the white of your clothes, teeth and (BEWARE) foundation on women’s faces and good clubbing music.

The prices are very good and on Tuesdays every shot is 1€!

For more information check out their Website or their Facebook page

Jeffery Bar: The Abercrombie & Fitch Bar

What’s the main reason why us ladies love to go to an Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister shop? Yes, their clothes are pretty nice and it smells divine but most of all, we LOVE and worship those good, californian-looking boys who work there!

Now imagine entering a simple, modern bar with white tables and thick-plastic-designer chairs and being served by them?! WELCOME TO JEFFERY BAR on callet Tusset where all the waiters and bar tenders actually work in a Hollister (or are models).

To get to this bar, it’s like being part of a secret “hot-men” society: you need to know about it and know where it’s located!

Location: Next to Sutton there is a litlle mall. Enter it and go towards the end on the left. You’ll see several obscure windows where people are sitting having a beer or cocktail.

Prices: The prices are normal for a bar on a saturday night: 4€ a glass of (horrible) wine, 4€ a beer and 6€ a copa.

It’s not the best place to go before a night out, but definitely worth a detour just to experience the Hollister Bar feeling.

My friend enjoying the sight

Feeling the cosy seats

FlashFlash: A unique Tortilla experience in Barcelona

I’m sure you’ve all tasted tortillas and I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why on earth I would ever publish something about a meal (normally) composed of eggs and potatoes?

Well, I so happen to have discovered a tortilla-goldmineFlashFlash in calle la Granada del Penedès, 25:
Ever heard of a tortilla de bacalao estilo vasco or a la paisana? Better yet, have you ever tasted a sweet tortilla; al kirsch or de manzana?
Have I caught your interest? There’s more!
    Enjoy a variety of more than 10 tortillas in a very trendy and artsy décor. The restaurant is all in white with the exception of photographers painted on its walls, giving you the impression of being surrounded by paparazzi’s (understand the name FlashFlash?).
    In addition, as much as FlashFlash looks expensive, the prices are very reasonable! I ate for 20€ with two dishes, a drink and (very delicious) tea.
Open every day, I highly recommend you go for brunch!

First Course

Tortilla a la Paisana Perfectly cooked: crispy enough on the outside yet fondant but not liquidy on the inside.

“Strike a pose” – Vogue, Madona