FlashFlash: A unique Tortilla experience in Barcelona

I’m sure you’ve all tasted tortillas and I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why on earth I would ever publish something about a meal (normally) composed of eggs and potatoes?

Well, I so happen to have discovered a tortilla-goldmineFlashFlash in calle la Granada del Penedès, 25:
Ever heard of a tortilla de bacalao estilo vasco or a la paisana? Better yet, have you ever tasted a sweet tortilla; al kirsch or de manzana?
Have I caught your interest? There’s more!
    Enjoy a variety of more than 10 tortillas in a very trendy and artsy décor. The restaurant is all in white with the exception of photographers painted on its walls, giving you the impression of being surrounded by paparazzi’s (understand the name FlashFlash?).
    In addition, as much as FlashFlash looks expensive, the prices are very reasonable! I ate for 20€ with two dishes, a drink and (very delicious) tea.
Open every day, I highly recommend you go for brunch!

First Course

Tortilla a la Paisana Perfectly cooked: crispy enough on the outside yet fondant but not liquidy on the inside.

“Strike a pose” – Vogue, Madona


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