Privé Barcelona

Feeling glamorous in your your Little Black Dress and heels and want to go to a place that reflects this chic?

Your go-to-club is definitely the Privé. From the outside it looks like a normal building. However, once you go through those doors…

Enter the first room walking down its stairs full of  lit candles and lots of white wax.
Room n°1 is very classy and chic: black walls, leather seats, mirrors, diamond-like ornaments hanging from the ceiling… Room n°2 is just as classy but much bigger.
As for the music: if you like commercial and house music, this is the place to go to! The DJ is great and really nice; he’ll play any song you ask for ! In addition, you’ll dance to songs you’ve never danced to because he does his own remixes of Adele, LMFAO etc…

This club may sound pretentious but don’t worry, whether you’re 21 or 26 you’ll enjoy it!

Check out their facebook page for special events !

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