Rendez-Vous Café

In the Barrio del Eixample a small, cosey yet glamorous café stands at the corner of the Provenca/Enric Granados intersection: Rendez-VousThe meaning of this French word is date  or meeting. Either way, I immediately understood why people would want to have a rendez-vous here:

As much as the name is French the interior is a mix between a modern Manhattan café and an English Vintage Tea Room.
All-day, you can relax with a selection of various teas from the Mariage Frère  brand and coffees. Think you deserve a little Sex and the City break? their home-made cocktails and wine lists are to die for.
As for those feeling a little peckish, do not hesitate to ask for their foods menu where you can find French quiches, foie gras and paté, Spanish bikinis (i.e paninis) and pastries.
Whether you are going to meetup with a friend, boyfriend, future boyfriend or with your book, DO NOT HESITATE to taste the emblematic “sin mantequilla, sin grasa, sin conservantes” mini artisanal cupcakes: they are to die for! (and only 63kcal!)

Bon apétit chez Rendez-Vous

Té de Nadal & Cupcake de Zanahoria

Rendez-Vous Café Webpage


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