Ryans Irish Pubs

Where to go on a Saturday night for several drinks before hitting the clubs, without spending a fortune and ending up in those dodgey bars we’ve all ended up in at some point?

Ryans Irish Pub is a chain of four Irish pubs with amazing offers:
1€ San Miguel beers, 0€50 house shots (basically of mix of different alcohols), 1€ shots, 3€ cocktails and, for the dehydrated lot, 9€/Liter of Sangria.
This is a perfect bar to go to for botellons (i.e spanish word for pre-drinking) or just for a (not-so-chill) chill night.
No matter how old you are or whether you’re a guy or girl, this place is perfect! Ersamus students, the locals, teens and several oldies with some pretty amazing life-changing-stories are all key ingredients of Ryans Irish Pubs!
They have a “pub-crawl-game”: Once you’ve been to all four Ryans and received a stamp from each, you win a prize!
Check out their website and facebook page for more info and pictures!

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