Jeffery Bar: The Abercrombie & Fitch Bar

What’s the main reason why us ladies love to go to an Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister shop? Yes, their clothes are pretty nice and it smells divine but most of all, we LOVE and worship those good, californian-looking boys who work there!

Now imagine entering a simple, modern bar with white tables and thick-plastic-designer chairs and being served by them?! WELCOME TO JEFFERY BAR on callet Tusset where all the waiters and bar tenders actually work in a Hollister (or are models).

To get to this bar, it’s like being part of a secret “hot-men” society: you need to know about it and know where it’s located!

Location: Next to Sutton there is a litlle mall. Enter it and go towards the end on the left. You’ll see several obscure windows where people are sitting having a beer or cocktail.

Prices: The prices are normal for a bar on a saturday night: 4€ a glass of (horrible) wine, 4€ a beer and 6€ a copa.

It’s not the best place to go before a night out, but definitely worth a detour just to experience the Hollister Bar feeling.

My friend enjoying the sight

Feeling the cosy seats


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