Shaz Guestlist – ADIOS paying for Clubs: Hola FREE ENTRANCES!

Planning a or, for you party animals out there, several nights out in Barcelona can be quite expensive for two reasons:

1. You can end up paying a scary amount for drinks

2. CLUB ENTRANCES are quite steep (between 10-15€ depending on the night and club)

Most tourists don’t have enough time to discover the wonders of SHAZ GUESTLIST and end up paying quite a bit when you could actually show up with 0€ and still have a nice clubbing night! (ouuuuh)

All you need to do is either:

– add Shaz Guest or Shaz Erasmus to your friends

– like the Barcelona Night Life facebook page 

– go to the Barcelona Night Life web page


In addition to providing free entrances and offers, you also receive daily updates of what’s on and the best places to go to. And if you’re lucky, you may be in Barcelona in time to enjoy one of Shaz’s famous Valencia, Alicante or Sevilla Trips!


– you need to get to the clubs before 2am (the hour can vary depending on the night and the club)

– you need to dress smart : no flip flops or beachwear guys…

So what have we learnt today?

You can party and access the best clubs for FREE in Barcelona

For unique (and cheap!) pre-drinks check out  the Bars category of this blog!


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