Does a shot of ginger, apple and carrot juice sound tasty and intriguing to you?

For all you “juice-freaks” out there I have found the perfect place to go to in Barcelona! This juice bar is very small, even my room is bigger, but that’s what makes it special and unique.


Love at first sight

It is impossible to walk past it and not be a little intrigued: it’s located in the middle of a little street near metro stop Jaume I in between the tourist and arts & craft shops and the fruits’ bright and various colours, orange and green “bungalow-style” walls grasp your attention.

Juice Bar  (5)

Give me more

Once it has caught your attention, it will “tease” you. The very friendly fruit-barista summons you over to try a shot of their four “juices of the day” and the tastes are… amazing: fresh, tasty, sweet, sour, spicy …

Juice Bar  (2)

Giving in

Yup, once you’ve had a taste of those bad-boys you can’t get enough! Even if you don’t fancy having a whole glass of their “juices of the day”, you can always make up your own! Also their fruit-baristas “know their sh*t”: I wanted grapefruit but didn’t know what to mix with so the barista told me she’d concoct something; it was exquisite: grapefruit, mango and apple!

Juice Bar  (1)

So if you’re walking around Jaume I or just want a nice juice, you know where to go! (sorry i don’t actually have an address!)



  1. Sabine, nice blog. I pass this place every single day on my way to Jaume station. And I’d find the baristas rather annoying shouting “Fresh Juice, Come and Try” in my face every day. But after reading this I may stop one day and give them a try! Got to get the five a day in some how!

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