In my previous article about café Rendez-Vous, in addition to saying how modern and relax it was, I talked about their cupcakes: the best ones I have yet tasted. Returning for the zillionth time there on Sunday, I discovered that Ke Magdalena is the catering brand which makes these little drops of heaven.

Since April 8th, they now welcome us to their newly renovated (and still in the process of decorating) Atelier/Kitchen to enjoy their special cupcakes!


For those who haven’t read the Rendez-Vous article, these cupcakes are HEALTHY GUILT-FREE TREATS! They don’t have butter or cholesterol and are made with natural products. The best part? They’re only about 80kcal/cupcake! (that includes a creamy frosting!)




Despite it not being finished yet, you still feel like you’ve walked on to an ELLE – Cusine photo shoot! No wonder, the two owners are designers. The walls are covered with pink words and a big wooden table rests at the far end of the room where, when I arrived, the two owners: Aliette and German, were working on a catering order and magdalenas invaded the table.

Care for a swing?

Care for a swing?

As you walk towards the table, a little swing with cute pillows welcomes you, a table with the surface of a chalk board already full of cute comments from previous customers and a table filled with different cupcakes and muffins sits next to their fridge with yummy fruit juices!

Chalk board table

Chalk board table

Ke Magdalena

Ke Magdalena

The atmosphere changed from high-fashion-ELLE – Cuisine photo shoot to a homey one the minute Aliette began to speak with me, explaining how they came to create Ke Magdalenas and offering me a cupcake, cup of tea and a seat.

Two elderly women came in and Aliette treated them like family! Then a mother (the woman who had ordered the catering service) joined us with her son. Whilst they were waiting for the final touches for the catering order, the boy was offered a little cupcake that he could decorate himself… I really felt like I had walked into someone’s kitchen as opposed to a café.

I will definitely return when I get the chance!

Thank you Aliette & German for sharing with me a bit of Ke Magdalena love!

*The Spanish use the term magdalena for cupcake and muffin.


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