PRE-READING WARNING: You should know I am a big spicy-food-addict: I use dijon mustard “extra forte” with just a bit of oil as my salad dressing, I don’t have my nacho crisps with spicy salsa but more have salsa with a bit of nachos  etc. you get the picture..

After having tried several Mexicans and Italians, and searching and searching… I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY SPICY FOOD! The Infierno de Dante!

You know that expression: “stop looking and it’ll turn up”? Yup that’s exactly what happened to me:

It’s about 22h30, my friend and I are desperately looking for a restaurant which offers food other than tapas in El Barrio del Born but can’t seem to find anything decent…until we see on a plaça: VIA Margutta.  We look at the menu outside and the minute I see the L’Inferno di Dante with a little * next to the name I know that’s a good sign…

Indeed, I find the other * at the bottom of the menu where it is written: To those courageous who survive the Infierno de Dante, we will offer them a shot of Limoncello or Grappa. ….“Oh it is ON”.

The ingredients of the pizza: tomate, mozzarella, spicy salami ‘ciambella’, giundilla verde, chilli africano.

After a few bites, my tongue is already on fire and I am loving the fact that I need to inhale air several times in order to calm my taste buds! Unfortunately my friend, who is “normal”, does not enjoy it as much as I do… It is so spicy that he, who only takes a little bite, goes all red and is on the verge of crying.. Oops…



P.S this restaurant is good quality and also good for people who just want a normal Italian dish. It actually WON in eltenedor (better than trip advisor)




5 thoughts on “SPICY BARCELONA

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