PARODIA: The Argentinian Bar

In the streets of the Eixample neighbourhood lies a little piece of Argentinian heaven: Parodia.



What’s amazing about this place?

Selection of alcohol!

It’s the first place in town where i found Southern Comfort and Campari!

It’s one of the rare places where they offer (and know how to make them) SPRITZ!



Their food offers!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, you can enjoy some delicious patatas bravas (and the sauce is actually brava sauce) for only 1€!

On Wednesdays you can enjoy any of their homemade and delicious emapanadas for 1€20! Try the capreze one, it is really a little piece of heaven in your mouth..


Their deco:

If its walls aren’t covered in bits of newspapers and magazines they’re covered with little messages people have left. And you can join the club (like we did with my friends!).

There are two levels and a few tables outside where you can enjoy the nice summer breeze with a nice cold cocktail!


It’s a nice chill place and the waiters are always so nice. We discovered this place a week ago and have already been 3 times.


Gracias Parodia!

Facebook page here!! 

I LOVE AFTER WORK: Free Tapas & Happy Hour

Take off that work outfit, kick off those shoes, put on your chic yet casual clothes cause, whether you live here or are just travelling to the city, you do not want to miss out Barcelona’s only  International After-Work on Thursday nights at Los Altos (Otto Zuts Club).


Los Altos is a private V.I.P room in the famous Otto Zuts club in Grácia. It has recently been renovated so is quite a sight: mirrors everywhere, fancy sofas and tables, a nice bar and some pretty nice neon lights!

Los Altos

Los Altos


I Love After Work (ILAW) is an official event since March 22nd. Created to give a place for Internationals to meet after work, this event offers FREE homemade food such as tapas, sushi, kebabs and deserts along with some happy hour deals: 4€ for a big glass of wine, cava, soft drink or beer. If you’re a big group, the bottles of wine are reasonable too: 22€/bottle!

On top of that, the entrance is FREE and you have access to the Otto Zutts club after for free.

Free Tapas

Free Tapas

Happy Hour

Happy Hour


That’s what many people tell me when I tell them about my nights here YET I swear it’s true. And even if they do believe me, they say “I bet it’s one piece of yucky tortilla per person and a chocolate…” Now I am a food-lover, have a big appetite and I can promise you that I really like the food and there is enough for everyone to feast!

In addition, the food isn’t all fried and fatty things. You can enjoy some nice croquetas, fresh sushi, chicken kebabs with a teriyaki sauce, a “surtido de tapas” (mix of tapas), some salad, Swedish meatballs, chocolate fondants etc…

No worries the menu varies every week so you’ll never be bored!



Tapas & more

Tapas & more


I spoke with Alexander Andersson, young entrepreneur and creator of ILAW, who told me that the reason why he created ILAW wasn’t to make any profit but genuinely to be able to hang out with his international friends in a place where there weren’t “kids” (I.e <20 year-olds) and share this opportunity with others.

Want more pictures, information or contact them: here’s the facebook page

Don’t hesitate to go on the page every now and then for there are always great offers.

Last week it was Thirsty Thursday: Bottle of Cava ON THE HOUSE for groups of 5 or more.

The weeks before you could win a Bottle of Cava!

El Bosc de les Fades: Barcelona’s enchanted forest bar

Just a little off las Ramblas, next to the Museo de la Cera, there is a very small, short and obscure alley with only one sign, a Shakespearian, tavern-like wooden one, on which is carved: El Bosc de les Fades.  From the outside, with its windows filled with paper butterflies and grasshoppers, it looks like an arts and craft shop. But once you open those heavy wooden doors, you are transported into an enchanted-like forest with the view and sound of a small waterfall and an open room which looks like a rich families camping tent. Its rather dark, chunky trees are everywhere, the ceiling is filled with fairy lights and leaves from the trees.

el bosc 4                                                                            el bosc 2

The first mission is to find a spot. Obviously, everyone wants one next to the cascade so be patient if you go during rush-hour. Once you’ve chose either a table or a wooden counter around a trunk head towards the bar. The counter is all wooden, used candles burn, their homemade tapas are exposed (and waow do they look good) and you can view all their beers and wines.

el bosc 3   el bosc


Whether you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner or just a drink el Bosc de les Fades has what you need: a variety of wines, beers, coffees and teas, tapas, tortillas, sandwiches, pastries etc.

El bosc de les Fades (6)

Whether you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner or just a drink el Bosc de les Fades has what you need: a variety of wines, beers, coffees and teas, tapas, tortillas, sandwiches, pastries etc.

With my parents, we went for the aperitif. We tasted their homemade empanadas de atún y de carne (a type of hard puff pastry filled with tuna or meat). They were delicious! The pastry was crispy on the outside but not greasy and the meat inside was tender and very tasty. To accompany them, we had a copa de Cava which complemented the tapas perfectly.



  1. Every 45mins the big lights turns off, the fairy lights dim and lightning and thunder goes on for about 10minutes. It’s a unique experience!
  2. Go visit the toilets; they’re stunning!
  3. Walk around the place and discover more rooms

Addresse: Pje de la Banca, 5, 08002 Barcelona, España


Best burgers in Barcelona: New Ryans Irish Pub

After having discovered Ryans Irish Pubs: the best places to go for pre-drinks or a delicious cocktail (for only 3€!) I have now tasted their most recent inauguration: food!

On Monday Febuary 25th, the chain opened its first pub/restaurant offering its usual drinks menu (see previous post) and for the first time FOOD!

The new place is located on Carrer Ample 24 (only 4 doors away from another of their pubs). The smell of new wood, light-coloured-wood furniture and white walls on the ground floor will transport you to a chalet in Switzerland after skiing. Go up to the first level if you prefer sitting at a table rather than on stools at the bar.

First Floor

Their menu is classic yet original. Yes they offer the usual “pub food”: burgers, sandwiches (both served with chips) and platters to share however their ingredients are unique and perfectly reflect the international spirit felt in Ryans Irish Pubs: you can get a Houston Burger (beef burger and homemade chili con carne), Mexico, Paris or Barcelona (butifara with roasted red peppers) Sandwich for example. Those who are vegetarians: FEAR NOT! Their Humus with pitta bread is delicious !

The NEW Menu

Not only is this menu original but the food is homemade and fresh too! The buns for the burgers are delicious: white light bread with just enough savour that it doesn’t spoil the fresh meat and vegetables’ taste.

Homemade Burgers (left: Houston right: Berlin) Homemade Humus with Pita Bread

The best part? On Fridays you can enjoy a special deal: 5€ for a burger/sandwich + a drink.

With this new location you can now spend a good-value night out in Barcelona you’ll never remember yet won’t forget with a nice dinner and pre-drinks at Ryan’s Bar !

What are you waiting for ?


Whether you’re a big fan of chupitos (shots) or not, Espit Chupitos is a MUST-place to go!

With over 30 different shots there will definitely be one that you will want to try! Of course its quite difficult to know what each shot consists of and how to take them (with fire? a straw? on your back? eyes shut etc.) seeing as the only menu they have is a big board with all the shots written on it but that’s what’s exciting about the place !

The Menu

P.S I suggest you take the Monica Lewinsky… will not say anymore.

Shots on fire!

It’s a great bar to go to begin your night out; the ambiance is like that of a club very dark with those l

ights that emphasize the white of your clothes, teeth and (BEWARE) foundation on women’s faces and good clubbing music.

The prices are very good and on Tuesdays every shot is 1€!

For more information check out their Website or their Facebook page