Jeffery Bar: The Abercrombie & Fitch Bar

What’s the main reason why us ladies love to go to an Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister shop? Yes, their clothes are pretty nice and it smells divine but most of all, we LOVE and worship those good, californian-looking boys who work there!

Now imagine entering a simple, modern bar with white tables and thick-plastic-designer chairs and being served by them?! WELCOME TO JEFFERY BAR on callet Tusset where all the waiters and bar tenders actually work in a Hollister (or are models).

To get to this bar, it’s like being part of a secret “hot-men” society: you need to know about it and know where it’s located!

Location: Next to Sutton there is a litlle mall. Enter it and go towards the end on the left. You’ll see several obscure windows where people are sitting having a beer or cocktail.

Prices: The prices are normal for a bar on a saturday night: 4€ a glass of (horrible) wine, 4€ a beer and 6€ a copa.

It’s not the best place to go before a night out, but definitely worth a detour just to experience the Hollister Bar feeling.

My friend enjoying the sight

Feeling the cosy seats


Hot Bar

If you’re in calle Tusset on a night out, a go-to-must is Hot Bar.

Do not be fooled by the size of this bar: it’s small yet lots of fun and has a trendy décor.
The bar tenders know their shit and the customers tend to be international students.
At the entrance, you’re given a ticket in order to get into Sutton, the club next door, for free till 2am!
Taste  their cocktails or enjoy, if you’re lucky and sober enough, free chupitos (shots) by playing their drinking games, the easiest being heads or tails; I got lucky and won a free shot of vodka!
And on Thursdays enjoy their free sangria, pica-pica and 5€ cocktails from 22h30-00h30 before heading off to Sutton! Do get there early to make sure you get these offers!
Check out their facebook page for more info !

Ryans Irish Pubs

Where to go on a Saturday night for several drinks before hitting the clubs, without spending a fortune and ending up in those dodgey bars we’ve all ended up in at some point?

Ryans Irish Pub is a chain of four Irish pubs with amazing offers:
1€ San Miguel beers, 0€50 house shots (basically of mix of different alcohols), 1€ shots, 3€ cocktails and, for the dehydrated lot, 9€/Liter of Sangria.
This is a perfect bar to go to for botellons (i.e spanish word for pre-drinking) or just for a (not-so-chill) chill night.
No matter how old you are or whether you’re a guy or girl, this place is perfect! Ersamus students, the locals, teens and several oldies with some pretty amazing life-changing-stories are all key ingredients of Ryans Irish Pubs!
They have a “pub-crawl-game”: Once you’ve been to all four Ryans and received a stamp from each, you win a prize!
Check out their website and facebook page for more info and pictures!