Wondering around Las Ramblas and feel like a break from the city, urbanism, bricks, roads and the sound of cars?

Turn right onto carrer de L’Hospital and right again onto a little “patio” and you’ll find El Jardí!

A cute and small terrace will welcome you. You can relax in the sun with a beautiful view of flowers and fountain.

El Jardí

El Jardí is adorable; it really feels like you’ve walked into someone’s garden. There’s a very small kitchen where they prepare fresh bocadillos and desayunos for the morning and artsy-original tapas for lunch and dinner.

Their bar is a simple and long wooden table with all their bottles displayed.

El Jardí Terrace

I went for a late breakfast there and ordered a bocadillo for 3€ and got a nice portion. In addition, their homemade sangria is really nice and refreshing after a few hours in the sun!

El Jardí Sangria


Website: http://www.eljardibarcelona.es/es/inicio


Summer means: sun, beach, sun burns, monoi oil, cocktails, sangria, music, bikinis, juices… but the most important is ICE CREAM!

Where to go for a delicious ice cream?



Located on the corner of Placa Sant Jaume in el Barrio Gótico next to metro station Jaume I, this “gelateria” offers the best ice cream not only in Barcelona but in the WORLD! (yes exaggeration but its just to express how amazing these ice creams are).


The  flavours

For dare devils: Di Marco offers a variety of original, intriguing sweet and salty flavours: Chocolate Picante (which gives a tangy spicy taste to the dark chocolate), Mojito, Rice, Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella di Bufala and many more…

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano

Mozzarella di Bufala

Mozzarella di Bufala

For Traditionalists: Not a big fan of change? You can also enjoy the traditional flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

Newbies: Every week you can discover NEW flavours for the regulars 😉

The ingredients & Production

“Our gelato is easily absorbed because it contains low fat milk […] Furthermore, it is characterized by a low calorific value” and they do not use dyes nor hydrogenated vegetable fats.”

In addition, the ingredients are indicated on the window at the far end of the gelateria so that you know what you’re eating.

Finally all the ice creams are made in the shop. The production can be observed from inside the place.


The People

I could have the nicest food, if the service is crap I will never return, never recommend the place and above all not enjoy the experience. But at Di Marcos: no problemo! I went in with a friend and there were so many choices and new flavours that we didn’t know what we wanted it and if we’d like it… Although this would have annoyed other waiters, it didn’t seem to bother our waiter at all! On the contrary, he seemed to really enjoy having us taste all the different flavours! (and to be honest, I tasted so many that I almost felt full just with that..

One Happy Worker :)

One Happy Worker 🙂

Other products

You can also other products such as their yogurts, cakes and cookies which look just as tasty as the ice creams !


The Location

A little plus is that it’s located right on the corner of Placa Sant Jaume. So once you’ve bought your ice cream, go ahead and visit the placa!

This ice cream parlour is a MUST on a nice sunny day!

Now all you have to do is go and CHOOSE your flavours 😀


Facebook page 




In my previous article about café Rendez-Vous, in addition to saying how modern and relax it was, I talked about their cupcakes: the best ones I have yet tasted. Returning for the zillionth time there on Sunday, I discovered that Ke Magdalena is the catering brand which makes these little drops of heaven.

Since April 8th, they now welcome us to their newly renovated (and still in the process of decorating) Atelier/Kitchen to enjoy their special cupcakes!


For those who haven’t read the Rendez-Vous article, these cupcakes are HEALTHY GUILT-FREE TREATS! They don’t have butter or cholesterol and are made with natural products. The best part? They’re only about 80kcal/cupcake! (that includes a creamy frosting!)




Despite it not being finished yet, you still feel like you’ve walked on to an ELLE – Cusine photo shoot! No wonder, the two owners are designers. The walls are covered with pink words and a big wooden table rests at the far end of the room where, when I arrived, the two owners: Aliette and German, were working on a catering order and magdalenas invaded the table.

Care for a swing?

Care for a swing?

As you walk towards the table, a little swing with cute pillows welcomes you, a table with the surface of a chalk board already full of cute comments from previous customers and a table filled with different cupcakes and muffins sits next to their fridge with yummy fruit juices!

Chalk board table

Chalk board table

Ke Magdalena

Ke Magdalena

The atmosphere changed from high-fashion-ELLE – Cuisine photo shoot to a homey one the minute Aliette began to speak with me, explaining how they came to create Ke Magdalenas and offering me a cupcake, cup of tea and a seat.

Two elderly women came in and Aliette treated them like family! Then a mother (the woman who had ordered the catering service) joined us with her son. Whilst they were waiting for the final touches for the catering order, the boy was offered a little cupcake that he could decorate himself… I really felt like I had walked into someone’s kitchen as opposed to a café.

I will definitely return when I get the chance!

Thank you Aliette & German for sharing with me a bit of Ke Magdalena love!

*The Spanish use the term magdalena for cupcake and muffin.


Salads are the ideal lunch meals for the summer and if you want to be healthy. But it is quite annoying having to go out and buy all those ingredients to make the perfect and original salad, especially if you’re on your own.. Plus, how ridiculous do you look when you buy just one lonely tomato, only use half the pack of salad, half a cucumber…

No worries because Barcelona now has its first salad bar!

Located on Travesera de Gracia just above diagonal, NATURO is a cute little shop. You can take out, eat-in or even have them deliver to your office or house for you extremely lazy people.


Step one: ORDERING

Step one: ORDERING


They offer three salad sizes and menus ranging from 3€50 to 5€ depending on if you want a salad and/or a sandwich and/or a drink. You can enjoy a simple salad with onions and lettuce or go a little crazy and add their tomato salsa, fried onions, broccoli and spicy peppers.

If you don’t want a salad you can also enjoy a homemade bikini (Panini), their two cremas del dia (soup of the day) and during the summer their gazpascho!


– The waiter is really sweet: take your time in deciding what you want! He’ll even advise you on what to add to best accompany your toppings.

– Enjoy their free chocolates! Nom nom…


Salsa Bar

Salsa Bar

You’re not quite finished yet. Once you’ve made your personal salad/bikini, head over to the salsa bar where you can create your own dressing. You have a wide variety of sauces: balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, different olive oils, Tabasco, salt, pepper, honey, mustard etc..


Just like at home

Just like at home

Now just sit down and enjoy this tiny shop’s homey atmosphere. With my friend, we ate our salads on a big wooden table where Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Hello! magazines were spread out.  (Thaaaank you NATURO) We felt right at home it was lovely!

I LOVE this place. I feel right at home, the waiter is really sweet and friendly and what better way to enjoy a salad than with a friend, chocolates and magazines!

For more information: visit their facebook page 

El Bosc de les Fades: Barcelona’s enchanted forest bar

Just a little off las Ramblas, next to the Museo de la Cera, there is a very small, short and obscure alley with only one sign, a Shakespearian, tavern-like wooden one, on which is carved: El Bosc de les Fades.  From the outside, with its windows filled with paper butterflies and grasshoppers, it looks like an arts and craft shop. But once you open those heavy wooden doors, you are transported into an enchanted-like forest with the view and sound of a small waterfall and an open room which looks like a rich families camping tent. Its rather dark, chunky trees are everywhere, the ceiling is filled with fairy lights and leaves from the trees.

el bosc 4                                                                            el bosc 2

The first mission is to find a spot. Obviously, everyone wants one next to the cascade so be patient if you go during rush-hour. Once you’ve chose either a table or a wooden counter around a trunk head towards the bar. The counter is all wooden, used candles burn, their homemade tapas are exposed (and waow do they look good) and you can view all their beers and wines.

el bosc 3   el bosc


Whether you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner or just a drink el Bosc de les Fades has what you need: a variety of wines, beers, coffees and teas, tapas, tortillas, sandwiches, pastries etc.

El bosc de les Fades (6)

Whether you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner or just a drink el Bosc de les Fades has what you need: a variety of wines, beers, coffees and teas, tapas, tortillas, sandwiches, pastries etc.

With my parents, we went for the aperitif. We tasted their homemade empanadas de atún y de carne (a type of hard puff pastry filled with tuna or meat). They were delicious! The pastry was crispy on the outside but not greasy and the meat inside was tender and very tasty. To accompany them, we had a copa de Cava which complemented the tapas perfectly.



  1. Every 45mins the big lights turns off, the fairy lights dim and lightning and thunder goes on for about 10minutes. It’s a unique experience!
  2. Go visit the toilets; they’re stunning!
  3. Walk around the place and discover more rooms

Addresse: Pje de la Banca, 5, 08002 Barcelona, España

Web: http://www.museocerabcn.com/es/bosc.html